Digital Physics Education with CASSY


Thursday, December 9, 2021


07:00 PM Europe/Berlin

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CASSY in the digital physics education

CASSY has been supporting digital experimentation in natural sciences for many years.
The CASSY Lab 2 software records measurement data and show these not only on the projector.
Now it also distribute it live to the students devices in the school network.

That offers the measurement results directly available on students tablets.

Using three key experiments in physics, we show how you can actively involve your students in the experiment.

Content of the webinar:

  • Performing the double-slit experiment, we show a simple way to record intensities as a function of position and make them available live to all students.
  • The students can download these measurements and evaluate them individually. The teacher uses
    CASSY Lab 2 to show the alignment of the double slit function, confirming the nature of light waves.
  • Further on, we show the discretisation of the energy levels of atoms in the Franck-Hertz experiment.
    Again, the students receive the measurement data live on their tablet for further evaluation.
  • Finally, with reference to Elementary Particle Physics and Theory of relativity, we look at the detection of muons by using two  large counter tubes. (Pancake GM)